Month: May 2016

Thidingyut Lighting Festival

Kid playing with candle light during the Thidingyut Lighting Festival.



Kyauk Kalap Morning

Pha- Ann is situated in the Karen Stat of Myanmar and famous for natural stone caves full of Buddha sculptors as tourist destinations. Kyauk Kalap is one of the destinations to see the beautiful sunrise.


Foggy morning at Aungban


Thingyan Festival

Thingyan festival is the Burmese New Year Water Festival and usually falls around mid-April (the Burmese month of Tagu). It is a Buddhist festival celebrated over a period of four to five days, culminating in the New Year. Formerly the dates of the Thingyan Festival were calculated according to the Burmese Calendar but they are now fixed to Gregorian calendar 13 to 16 April.


A boy selling the souvenirs at one of the old temples in Bagan.


Bagan Sunset

Watching the sunset from atop a temple is a must when visiting Bagan. The sun sets behind the mountains and the Irrawaddy River. Everybody deserve a quiet moment escape from the daily busy routine……


Swel Daw Myat Pagoda during monsoon season


Young Monks

Young monks shaving the hair. Yangon


The Ruin

Mandalay is full of interesting tourist sites. This picture was taken in Inwa, Mandalay.